Nostalgia| Baby Ishan

My First Tooth!

So my mum uncovered all of the family albums from her cupboard and I couldn’t help but looks through my old baby pictures! Full of wonderful memories and very… VERY baggy clothes! šŸ™‚ I love looking through old family photos too see how life was way back when.

Just woke up from a nap!
Such a poser LOL
I could be a pain sometimes
Me and my brother šŸ™‚ How big is my cap tho!!!!
Trying to touch my toes- don’t think I managed
I never really look at the camera do I…
‘Is that food I smell’
Apparently I was mid-way through a poo when this picture was taken









I felt so nostalgic when looking through these images. We live in a day and age were photos are mainly stored on digital devices, but there is nothing in this world than holding hard copies of your past, and just reliving the moments..

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