Aftershave Balms + MAKEUP HACK

What’s more better than a nice freshly shaven face… nothing right, I cant help but keep touching my face because of how soft it feels. But, do you know what I hate the most when shaving the irritation, red bumps and redness it leaves WHEN YOU DON’T USE AFTERSHAVE BALMS AFTERWARDS. So..fellow readers here are 3 aftershave balms that I use after I shave and also a makeup hack for all the women out there 😀 (don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you guys).

This aftershave balm was the first ever aftershave balm that I purchased from Matalan, However, I think they have discontinued this product :-(. I love the texture of this aftershave balm and once you apply it to the face it has a cooling affect which calms down any bumps and irritation.
This next one I got as part of a gift set that comes with a shower gel and the eau de parfum. Although, this specific balm you cannot buy on its own, you will have to buy as part of a gift set which was around £30. This to has a cooling affect but also has the signature Armani scent, the formula itself revitalizes and moisturises the skin. (A little goes a long way with this product)
And lastly, is the one that you may think is pretty weird.. but actually is better than many aftershave balms in the market. Coconut oil has a whole host of benefits which I will go into in another post (stay tuned). But, Coconut oil as a aftershave balm helps remove loose hairs, moisturises as well as reducing bumps and redness. Please make sure it is Raw Virgin 100% Coconut oil though :-).

MAKEUP HACK!: Aftershave balms can actually be used as a primer for your makeup. Find an aftershave balm that contains a high amount of glycerine, as well as being unscented and for sensitive skin. Massage onto face until it becomes tacky then apply your makeup as you normally would. The glycerine will help the makeup stick to your face Recommended: Nivea for men Sensitive Aftershave balm.

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  1. I will recommend them to my boyfriend! It seems he just use aftershave 🙂

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    1. Thanks for reading 🙂


  2. Bookie says:

    I did try the Nivea but the high concentration of glycerin in it made my face so dewy, didn’t like it.

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    1. Really nice to hear an honest review! :-). Thanks for reading

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